Annette Knol


The Meisner Maybes (Series I - V)
Monotype prints on paper with oil-based & acrylic inks, 2016
48,3 x 29,2 cm / 19 x 11,5 inches
Each print is a one-off, unique work.
50€ (plus postage)

If you see one you like either send me a screenshot or download the image.
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I produced aprox 250 prints during 8 print sessions in February - April 2016
following an exercise in automatism. Starting point was an introduction to the
Meisner technique. This method is traditionally used as an improvisational tool
for actors. Meisner is a repetition method which is usually carried out between
2 people. The 1st person might start with a simple observation, such as 'you are
ready.' To which the other might then respond 'I am ready.' This exchange would
be repeated until a more emotional analysis evolves: 'you're frustated' ... 'I am
frustrated!' I adapated this technique by applying it to the process of printmaking
and by choosing the printing press as my partner. I wanted to capture the mood
and its associations while producing prints. I was also interested in finding out if
it is possible to communicated with an object. While the original Meisner exercise
- with a person - is intimate and immediate, the exchange with a press is delayed.