Annette Knol



Welcome to the AK Fundraiser!

The prints you see here are from a series called the Meisner Maybes (monotype prints), Endless Compositions (relief prints), and Searching for Gold/New Moons (photograms). Prices vary between 40€ - 150€ (+ postage).

If you see a print you are interested in buying then either send me a screenshot or download the image and send me the name or picture. My contact is:

Annette Knol
printerette (at)

I will get back to you as soon as I can, but please bear in mind that it may not always be immediately due to treatment + recovery.



Dear friends, colleagues, everyone,

I write to ask for help.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The tumor was removed successfully, but simultaneously more cancer was found, which then also was removed. I thought that'd be it, but the mixture of cancers in various places makes me a high risk for the cancer to return. This is when chemotherapy comes into the picture. I have just done the second of sixteen cycles. It's a nasty process, but so far so good. I'm in good hands and have been overwhelmed by everyone's kindness. It's still a nasty treatment, but better days ahead... If all goes well I'll be done by the start of summer.

I had to quit my jobs and now am a number in the welfare system. I can't complain really, because eventually a minimum wage + rent and health insurance should come my way. The problem is when. Bureaucracy does not care about my time and I need money to live off now. This email is my way of taking control of my life again.

I decided to start the AK fundraiser.
AK is my name. The fundraiser is what I'm writing about.
Really, it's a print sale, but I would be lying if I'd say it's just an ordinary print sale.

Most of you will already know that I'm an artist and that I make a lot of prints. I work with text and color. Often on paper. Most of my prints are unique - in that they are one-offs – and part of larger series. Never alone.
I thought about how to start a fundraiser and what I can offer in return and it's obvious really; I have hundreds and hundreds of prints in my studio.
Perhaps you've always liked my work, but couldn't afford it or didn't know where to buy it from.
Perhaps you want to support an artist during their fight against cancer.
Perhaps you're not interested, but think your sister or friend might.
Whatever your reason be, I appreciate the support.

I have lowered my prices for the occasion. I hope that the work will be accessible to more people this way. If you do want to pay the normal price you are very welcome to of course.

There are various price brackets, between 40€ and 150€ (+ postage)

I will take the works off the website as they sell. Hopefully I will update once a week - sometimes less or more depending on treatment.

You can find the work and further infos on my website:
Some of it is on my instagram under: printeretto

Thank you for reading this far <3

Feel very free to share.

And make sure to get yourselves checked, this whole thing is a real stress.

Love to all of you, AK