Annette Knol




Searching for Gold/New Moons
Colour photograms, 2016
41 x 51cm / 16 x 20 inches
Each print is a one-off, unique work.
40€ (plus postage)

Searching for Gold/New Moons is a series of colour photograms produced in the dark room during the setting of a new moon. Taking the idea of setting intentions for the arrival of the new moon into the studio. In the darkroom one of my wishes always returns to producing tones of yellow and gold and continously failing - and discovering other colour combinations instead - which led to the name SEARCHING FOR GOLD.

A photogram is a photographic process in which a photo is produced without the use of a camera and soley by the exposure of light.

If you see one you like either send me a screenshot or download the image.
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There are a few more photograms in this series that I haven't photographed yet; I will do this soon as I can & upload them.